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The Town of Fremont Police Department

Police Chief

Joe Patterson

4 years

Deputy Officer

Jordan Trippe
2 years
Deputy Officer

Adam Kitson
1 year

The police department has 3 full time officers. The police department works closely with the Fremont Community School to provide interaction with students and staff. ┬áThe police department is working on adding a horse patrol program to foster better community service, provide specialized patrols in the downtown area, park and schools. The Police Department conducts a Bicycle Rodeo once a year to register children’s bikes and teach them about safety and handling.

Town Marshall Joe Patterson

To contact the Fremont Police Department

205 N Tolford Street
P.O. Box 602
Fremont, In 46737
Fax 260-495-7019
For emergency contact Call 911
For non-emergency calls and if an Officer is unavailable
call the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department at 665-3131
Town of Fremont Police Car