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The Town of Fremont Police Department

Adam Meeks was sworn in at the Fremont Town Council meeting on February 17, 2015.  Adam will make the fourth full time officer for the Fremont Police Department.  He was a past reserve for the Steuben County Sheriff Department and has been very involved in the community with Fremont Youth sports.  We welcome Adam to the Fremont Police Department.

Description of the Police Department

The police department has 4 full time officers. The police department works closely with the Fremont Community School to provide interaction with students and staff.  The police department is working on adding a horse patrol program to foster better community service, provide specialized patrols in the downtown area, park and schools. The Police Department conducts a Bicycle Rodeo once a year to register children’s bikes and teach them about safety and handling.

Town Marshall Joe Patterson

To contact the Fremont Police Department

205 N Tolford Street
P.O. Box 602
Fremont, In 46737
Fax 260-495-7019
For emergency contact Call 911
For non-emergency calls and if an Officer is unavailable
call the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department at 665-3131

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Police Chief Joe Patterson 6 years
Deputy Officer Jordan Trippe 4 years
Deputy Officer Adam Kitson 2 year
Deputy Officer Adam Meeks